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Having sex everyday is abnormal- Therapist

A Global Health Scientist and a Sexual Health Specialist, Dr. Richard Eghan has stated that having sex every day is a myth.


According to him, having sex every day is not medically acceptable.


“This way too much. So a study was done I think in America which actually came with findings and we realised that what we thought were actually, those things were just myths. It’s not normal,” he stated.


He however revealed that a lot of people have sex every day because it has become a competition.

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“Because when it comes to sex, many people think they have to just prove that they can do much better than others. Competition kind of,” he revealed.


The sex therapist stated some statistics that proved that having sex every day is not normal.


“So they find out that 7% of Americans are having sex only once or twice a week. And they find out 10% did not have sex at all and then 19% had twice or thrice per month that was good enough evidence actually 16% actually had about three times a week. Now on the average, sex therapists, according to them, would simply say about twice or three times a week is good enough and anything beyond that, is just too much,” he posited.

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