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Give men good sex because they go through a lot – Youth activist advises women


Sexual intercourse -good sexual intercourse – is known to have many benefits to couples. Apart from its role of consummating marriages and strengthening romantic relationship, sex portends other benefits to partners.

Lowering one’s blood pressure, improving one’s immune system, enhancing one’s cardiovascular health, Improving one confidence and self-esteem, ameliorating one’s ability to sleep soundly are but some of these benefits.

For Writer and Activist Mercedes Rowe Asamani, women should ensure that men are given the best of sex given the challenges they ( men) face in their daily endeavours.

“Men go through a lot. Please, give them good sex,” she urged on social media to the massive approval of men who follow her.

Men are primarily breadwinners of their families and exert a lot to provide for their families. It is not uncommon for even career women and gainfully self-employed women to rely on their husbands for the upkeep of their families. This invariably puts a lot of pressure on men in the Ghanaian society.

The issue of sex is almost taboo in the Ghanaian society and is almost never discussed openly. Men and women who don’t get enough sexual gratification find it difficult to seek help. But all of that may be changing as activists like Ms Asamani challenge these norms












































































Source: MyNewsGh.com

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