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Give gays and lesbians their freedom; – NPP national chairman Freddie Blay


New Patriotic Party (NPP)National Chairman, Freddie Blay says the new objection over exercises of the LGBTQI+ people group in Ghana is superfluous and they (gays) should be given their freedom.


The LGBTQ+ activists mounted announcements in the Ghana’s capital Accra, and two different urban areas with the engraving “Love, Tolerance and Acceptance.”


Addressing Kwaku Nhyira-Addo on Townhall Talk on Asaase Radio (17 June), Blay said there is an excess of deception encompassing the issue in Ghana.


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“If people want to be gays, it should be their own problem. I won’t go ahead to be a persecutor of those who want to be together as man and man or woman and woman,” the former MP said.


“I think there’s too much hypocrisy about it. Emotions have been excited over it to the extent that we are not sober over it. I honestly do not see the hullabaloo about it. We should allow them if they want to.

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“I don’t subscribe to gayism as a choice because I’m not attracted by that, but I don’t want to go into people’s bedrooms. I don’t want to see what they are doing,” he added.



The legitimization of the LGBTQI has been a subject of conversation in the country for quite a while and the NPP master accepts individuals reserve their options to participate in that demonstration.





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