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Ghana’s one-sided media reasons why Ghanaians are blaming Akufo-Addo for hardship- Chief Of Staff

Ghana’s Chief of Staff Akosua Frema Osei-Opare says Ghana has biased media.


She says the biases of the media has led citizens to blame the President for the current crisis the country finds itself in.


Frema Opare believes the media would have done good by the people if they gave a holistic picture of the global crisis and that would have prevented the people of Ghana from blaming the President for the hardship.


Also, the people of Ghana would have been prepared to support government.


“I think what I will say is that there isn’t enough education in the media. The balance of the reportage is not there and today, I was watching Sky News and it is not about government putting up the prices of gas, it is not about government making prices of food doubled. But it is about what is happening in the country and the understanding of why we are there. It is not because government doesn’t have good policies. It is because we are a global village and what is happening everywhere is affecting us.


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I think we need to go beyond just our own circumstance and begin to educate that if fertilizer prices doubled outside, if the price of crude has doubled outside, there is no way our country will not be affected. How can the British tax payer bring their money to just cushion Ghanaians so that we can still buy fuel at very low prices while they are being taxed? It does not mean that government cannot do anything but I think we are in a special circumstance. That special circumstance, we cannot trivialize the impact of Covid. The impact of covid has reduced a lot of production in many countries so it has affected the whole world which Ghana cannot be isolated,” she said.



The Chief of Staff said it is about time the media in Ghana and their personnel learn from the Western world.




“Let me make an appeal that the media, you have an opportunity. It is not what Frema is saying but it is what you can yourself see, hear and know so that whiles you want government to do something about it, you should also at the same time share facts that these are things that are happening, how can we as a country also stand up?

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That is why it is important that everyone contribute little so that we can all have a better situation. We listen to other media and you can see that the media should be the one that brings out the facts and figures. The media should keep the balance” she stated.

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