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Ghanaians To Pay For Updating Data On Ghana Card- NIA


National Identification Authority (NIA) has served notice that effective from August 8, 2022 it will start charging for all Ghana Card information updating services.


According to NIA, rendering of such services will attract GH¢30 from then on.


In a press release issued on August 5, 2022 and signed by Dr. Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu, Ag. Head, Corporate Affairs said the information for Provision of Update of Personal Information Services at the 16 NIA Regional Offices and Card Replacement Services will be done at the 275 NIA Operational District Offices.


According to the NIA, they will provide Update of Personal Information (change or correction of personal data) and Card Replacement Services across its Regional and Operational District Offices.


It further said Continuous Registration Services already taking place at the Regional and District Offices will run alongside the services stated above, while Card Replacement Service currently being offered at the 16 Regional Offices will cease from Monday, August 8, 2022.

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NIA made it known that “Applicants requesting the Update of Personal Information Service must observe the following guidelines:


“1. Applicants need to complete and sign an electronic Update Request Form at the Regional Office.


“2. Any update, which changes the information printed on the face of the Ghana Card already issued to an applicant, will attract a fee of Gh¢30.00.


“The list of updates that attract a fee of Gh¢30.00 is as follows:


“a. Change or Correction of Applicant’s Name.


“b. Change or Correction of the order of Applicant’s Name.


“c. Correction or Addition of Applicant’s Previous Name or Maiden Name.


“d. Correction of Applicant’s Date of Birth.


e. Change or Correction of the Nationality of Applicant.



f. Correction of Applicant’s Gender


g. Change or Correction of Applicant’s Height


3. All other updates, which do not result in the printing of a new Ghana Card for an applicant, are FREE of charge.


The list of free updates is as follows:


a. Change or Correction of Residential Address.


b. Change or Correction of Digital Address Code


c. Change or Addition of Postal Address.


d. Correction of Hometown details.


e. Correction of Place of Birth details.


f. Addition or Change of telephone numbers and/or email address.


g. Change of Marital Status.


h. Addition or Change of Government IDs e.g Voter ID Card, SSNIT Card, NHIS Card.


i. Change of Disability Status.


i. Change or Addition of details of Spouse.


k. Change of Next-of-Kin details.

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l. Correction of details of Parents.


m. Change of Level of Education.


n. Change of occupation.


o. Change or Correction of color of hair and/or eyes.”


It indicated that the Gh¢30.00 fee for all fee-paying update services must be made with either the CalBank Mobile Banking Platform with short code *771#; or CalBank Online Mobile App, or

At a CalBank Branch Office


The Authority mentioned that it will not accept cash payments for the update service at any of its Regional Offices.


Meanwhile, all applicants for the update service will be required to provide the reason for the update and must support the request with evidence.”
































Source: DGN

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