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Ghanaians switch to Vodafone following e-levy approval

A growing number of Ghanaians have started switching from their current networks to Vodafone Ghana following the E-levy approval announcement. The mobile money users who expressed this on social media, especially on Twitter, praised Vodafone for the waived telco charges on transfers to any other network.

The introduction of the E-levy means that Vodafone Cash customers will be charged only a 1.5% rate for any amount that exceeds GHC 100 instead of the expected 2.5 % by other networks. This means that Vodafone customers will still enjoy the lowest mobile money transfer charges in Ghana when E-levy is implemented.


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Last year, Vodafone Ghana made the unusual decision to waive all charges on any amount of money transferred from Vodafone Cash to all other networks in order to reduce the financial burden on customers. Aside from drastically reducing the financial burden on consumers, the free mobile money transactions by Vodafone has made the service more appealing to ordinary Ghanaians and caused a rise in patronage.

Vodafone Cash has earned a name for itself in product innovation. Its free transfer service has won a number of awards including Product of the Year at the 2021 CIMG Excellence Awards. Vodafone Cash has over the years proven that its mobile money platform is robust and not susceptible to fraud.

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Customers who have not subscribed to the service yet can simply dial *558# to register. Non-Vodafone customers can port their existing number or purchase a SIM card from any Vodafone Agent or Retail Shop, and register with a valid Ghana Card.


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