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Ghana: Pork prices increase by 20%


Prices of pork will increase by 20% effective Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Pig Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has announced.

The increase means that a live pig will be sold at the benchmark minimum farmgate price of GH₵18 per kilogramme (of the animal’s weight) while the carcass will be sold at GH₵28 per kilogramme.


According to the President of the PFAG, Kwame Appiah Danquah the increase in the price is a result of a hike in the prices of feed.


He said the current prices of GH₵15 and GH₵23 for the live weight and carcass respectively set in May 2022 had remained static in spite of the rise in the prices of feed and other farming inputs. He added that premium quality pigs/pork will sell for higher than the benchmark minimum farmgate prices.


Speaking in a telephone interview with Graphic Online, Mr Danquah said the price increase would make up for price hikes in production inputs from the year 2021 to date.


“If you go to the farm and a pig is 100kilogrammes it means it would cost you 1,800cedis from next week,” he said.


“In May we did a price increase of 15 and 23 cedis and we have increased it by 20% which brings it to 18cedis for the live weight and 28cedis for the carcass”.




He said the prices of feed such as wheat bran and soya had increased by over 100 per cent this year, forcing some PFAG members out of business.


“Wheat bran that we were buying at 16 cedis is now 46 cedis and soya which we were buying at 160 cedis is now 340 cedis, so this increase is not going to give us profit but rather it is going to keep us in business.


“You can’t say we are taking undue advantage of the customer because we are making losses and losing our businesses at this rate”.

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