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Ghana Bar Association issues directives on legal fees.

The Ghana Bar Association (BGA) has issued new directives on legal fees for lawyers and their clients.


According to the GBA, remuneration for legal services must measure up to the value of the time spent or value created as determined by the economic environment in which the service is provided.


The Scale of Fees covers charges for professional services rendered by lawyers.


Fees are quoted in both Ghana Cedis and US Dollars and are to be applied to services rendered to Ghanaian clients and international clients respectively as prescribed by law, the GBA said on Thursday April 21.


“The essence of these guidelines shall be negotiation and agreement between Counsel and the client within the range prescribed below before the commencement of the provision of legal services. The law entitles every lawyer to reasonable compensation for his services.


“In negotiating for fees a lawyer shall adhere to these approved tariffs and shall avoid charges which either overestimate or undervalue the

service rendered, though in legal aid cases, the poverty of the client may require a less charge or even none at all.


“The negotiation will take into consideration the nature and/amount of work involved and estimated time to be spent on it.

The terms of payment may include a deposit of up to fifty percent of the agreed fees payable upon firm instructions being given to commence work unless the Client and Counsel agree otherwise.”




Source: Otixpres.com


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