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Gayism is an existential threat to Ghana -Kofi Koranteng

A presidential hopeful for the 2024 elections, Mr Kofi Koranteng says LGBTQ+ and their related issues are dangerous and detrimental to the very existence of Ghanaians as a people.

He has, therefore, called on all Ghanaians to out rightly reject any narratives that seem to endorse the practise of the abominable act and alien culture as a human right issue.

In view of the threats that LGBTQ+ related issues pose to the human race in general and Africans in particular, MrKoranteng urged President Akufo Addo to be conclusive on his stance on the matter.

This, he explained, would send a strong signal to the powers that be, that Ghana has a long standing socio-cultural norm, which abhors such behaviour and that the country was not ready to compromise.

This was contained in an Easter message sent to Ghanaians by Mr Kofi Koranteng who is aspiring to contest the next general elections as an independent presidential candidate.

CNN has reported that Ghana’s president, Nana Akufo Addo, has softened the country’s stance on anti-LGBTQ Bill, following the official visit of the vice president of America, Kamala Harris.

President Akufo Addo was reported to have said that “The bill is going through the parliament. The Attorney General has found it necessary to speak to the committee about it, regarding the constitutionality…of several of its provisions”.

Mr Koranteng stated that “President Akufo Addo should be conclusive on his stance on the issue of LGBTQ+ because it is in direct conflict with our culture and religion as a nation”.

He pointed out that presidents of Uganda and Rwanda have expressed their fair and concise views, which reflect the cultural and societal values of their countries on the matter.

“Trust me, Ghana is a religious country with about 71.3% of the population being members of various Christian denominations, according to the 2021 census,” he said.

He added that Islam was practiced by approximately 19.9% of the total population while the remaining 8.8% of the population practice other faiths.

According to Mr Koranteng, none of the faiths mentioned above support homosexuality as both Christians and Muslims strictly abhor the “sinful act” which has dire consequences.

“We cannot claim to be highly religious and yet give an approval for the practice of LGBT+ which the Lord Jesus spoke bitterly about and detested same,” he stated.

The Christian Council and the Muslim Community, he said, must raise their voices and prevail on the Members of Parliament to support the passage of the bill.

He said, “In the US, mental health is worse among LGBT people than among the general population, with depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation being 2–3 times higher”.

“Available evidence suggests that LGBTQ+ people are more susceptible to human papillomavirus virus (HPV) while some strains of HPV cause anal and cervical cancer,” he explained.

He further appealed to Ghanaians to allow the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection to rekindle a new sense of awakening and renew their strength to fight the canker of LGBTQ+

Christ Apostolic Church

In another development, Richard Owusu-Akyaw reports from Kumasi that the Chairman of Christ Apostolic Church Ghana (C.A.C-Ghana), Apostle Abraham A. Amoh, has urged Ghanaians not to support the LGBTQI+ agenda that is being sponsored by the Western world.

According to Apostle Amoh, the practice of Lesbianism is an abomination and satanic attitude that must never be supported.

Speaking at the annual Easter Convention of the church in Kumasi recently, he argued that LGBTQI+ is a pandemic and not a human rights issue, as they are portraying it. He called on those countries supporting the practice to outlaw it before God unleashes his wrath on them.


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