A former Regional Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party NPP , Mr Benjamin Amoako has chastised Former President Mahama to halt inciting citizens of Ghana against the Judiciary and for that matter the Chief Justice of the of the Republic of Ghana, *Justice Anning Yeboah*


Former President Mahama made a statement at the opening of the 2nd Annual Lawyers Conference of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Sunday August 28, 2022 where he sought malign the image and integrity of the Chief Justice.


“What seem so worrying is that fact that lawyers who are supposed to guard the image and integrity of Judiciary were the very same people who were seen clapping for that unfortunate statement.

Under this same judiciary he sought to malign some of the very fine Lawyer’s who sat there have won several cases based on the it’s merit.” He added


The astute Communicator further stated that, President Mahama having had the rare opportunity to exercise the power to appoint Justices of the Supreme Courts and the Court of Appeal,such unguarded statement was easily avoidable because at that level not any unqualified person can be appointed as a Supreme Court or Appeals Court Judge.


“People have gotten there based on merit and not just by their political inclination.”


He added” having had the opportunity at the highest level of becoming the President of the Republic and having served also as a member of the legislature, one would easily have thought that he knew that the 3 Arms of Government which is the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive are all independent institutions with the power of having oversight responsibility with checks and balances on the other.


Is Former President Mahama saying should he unfortunately win the 2024 Elections and become the President of Ghana, he would want to remove the current Chief Justice from Office when he doesn’t have such powers enshrined in the Constitution.” He quizzed


He Said in the 2012/2013 Election petition,when judgement went in his favour,was the judiciary then independent and if so why is the judiciary today not seen as independent as it was then.


He emphasized that even during that time when it was seen clearly from the proceedings that over voting was described by some of the Judges as ballot stuffing, so just because it went in his favour and the NDC, the Judges then were independent.


“If there is any arm of government that as citizens of Ghana we must all strive to guard and protect,then that is the Judiciary.”


Article 125(1) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana states; “Justice emanates from the people and shall be administered in the name of the Republic by the Judiciary which shall be independent and subject only to this Const constitution “.


Article 125(2) of the 1992 Constitution also states; “Citizens may exercise popular participation in the administration of justice through the institutions of public and customary tribunals and the jury and assessor systems.

We all have a role to play in this duty and so attempts by the former President to make the judiciary look weird in the face of Ghanaians isn’t the way to go else people will end up not taking their case to court for an amicable resolution but rather resort to their own means of getting justice which wouldn’t auger well for our young democracy.


He indicated that, Time is ripe now for all citizens to look into the face of the former president that truly he got it all wrong trying to dent the image of the current Chief Justice as well as the Judiciary.


He again said if the young and vibrant propagandist of the opposition will want to describe the judiciary in all sort of unprintable words such as Unanimous-FC, simply because they lack the understanding of how the judges gives their verdicts, why must a whole former President who must know better get into such unwarranted and unguarded statements.

He conclude that if former President and his NDC thinks that such statements will win them power come 2024,then they better revise their notes.


“We were in this country under his tenure when almost 98% of cases they sent to court from 2009 until 2016 were lost simply because it lacked evidence to prove otherwise in court.” He lamented










Source: Otixpres.com

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