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‘Every Ghanaian is corrupt including myself’ – Odike

Akwasi Addai Odike’s call for a union government will eradicate the increasing corruption that has become endemic to the state, he says.

The founder of the United Freedom Party (UFP) says Ghana’s current democracy is alien to the citizens because it is an orchestration by the West to indirectly control affairs of the state after gaining independence from them.

According to the businesman, corruption has become a by-product of Ghana’s constitution with every citizen being a ‘beneficiary’, including himself.

Odike has been saying that since absolute power corrupts absolutely, the mandate the Executive arm of government receives from the surpeme laws of land, by default, makes everyone corrupt.

“Every Ghanaian is corrupt including myself. It is because of our constitution. The power in the Executive Arm of government corrupts everyone,” he was straightforward.

He explains that, the only way to eradicate the incessant corruption from Ghana’s body politic is to form a Union government which will reduce the powers of the executive.

On Wednesday February 22, 2023, the businessman who is also a politician told Captain Smart on Maakye hosted on Onua TV/FM that, the union government will give the president only seven ministerial appointments with the rest coming from the people.

He argued that, regional ministerial positions are going to be contested and assemblies are going to be accountable by Members of Parliament since the union government will abolish the appointment of MMDCEs.

His reason he told Captain Smart is that, government uses the MMDCEs as conduit for their party interest. However, if regional ministers are elected together with MPs to take care of the assemblies, such manipulations will be a thing of the past.

The initiatives, he explained, will make the union government system purely meritocratic. Odike also believes the system will cure the winner takes all and family and friends government that has characterised Ghana’s democracy.

By extension, the UFP founder says the successful running of the union government in Ghana will make case for its adoption for the whole continent.

“The union government will even be extended to the whole Africa because Africa needs one constitution. We are one people with a common destiny. We are only separated by boundaries. If we don’t get a common constitution, the whites will drain all our natural resources,” he indicated.


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