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Ernest Owusu Bempah writes: Open letter to Mensah Thompson of ASEPA

Hello Mensah Thompson,

Your intervention after my commentary linking Mahama to galamsey on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma program on Thursday April 27, 2023 is a clear evidence of your utter hypocrisy and hubris.

I expected your impertinence but your ignorance in arrogance nauseat me.

The fact that you’re unaware that Mahama actually introduced Youth in Small Scale Mining programme in the Eastern Region, and the program opened the floodgate for galamsey menace is a clear indictment on your person as a claimant to civil society platform.

In actual fact, you’re one of those who help promote conspiracy theories and misinformation.

I actually remember the nonsense you spouted about members of the President’s family that landed you in trouble not long ago.

You seem thirsty for attention.

Clearly, your underdeveloped brain can’t assimilate the fact regarding the galamsey menace, but let me break it down for you.

Yes, the NDC had the opportunity to pull the plug on Galamsay but they rather enabled it and watch it festered badly.

Of course, the galamsey situation got so bad under Mahama in 2015, such that he had to hang his shame on the people of Kyebi, tagging the place as the headquarters of Galamsay in the country.

So you see, your model of lazy populism with no real ideas apart from the usual triangulated survival antics has no correlation with civil society activism. You can only fool a small minded people that your so-called ASEPA is a civil society platform. But those of us who know better knows that it’s actually a propaganda outfit for the National Democratic Congress.

An old adage have it that, when you’re trying to breath under water, you will have to think of the consequences and reach for sane fresh air. It might be wiser for you to proceed gently in the galamsey conversation.

Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah, Deputy Director of Communications, NPP.


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