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Eating same food will not weaken your immune system- Dietician


Author and Dietician, Wise Chukwudi Letsa has noted that eating the same food over a period of time does not weaken the immune system.


Speaking on how to boost the immune system on GTV Breakfast Show, the Dietician stated that the intake of the same food must be balanced to get more nutrients to spice the immune system.


“But then eating rice or just the same kind of food will not weaken your immune system if that food is well balanced and you don’t eat too much. I’m not endorsing the intake of only one even though that will not help but it is better to have a variety so that it adds some spice to your immunity,” he advised on Monday, June, 13.


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According to the Dietitian, eating variety of foods will help to gain more nutrients.




“So for the synopsis, it is the right kind, so for the rice, I will encourage him since he is an adult, he should start eating the brown rice which is the healthier type of rice”, he noted. But then there’s an overarching benefit, something that helps us more. if we eat variety of foods we tend to gain more nutrients, more balance and more health so it is better,” he stated.

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He however stated that taking junk food rather weakens the immune system.


“Lifestyle generally you know. Western diets are known to expose the human body to a lot of inflammations, western type diet so talking about what we call junk food, a lot of fat, a lot of sugar, a lot of salt, we want fast food. ……delve within lifestyle so what you eat if it’s wrong it’s a way of weakening the immune system.”

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