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Demand more from husbands to reduce spending on side chics- Maurice Ampaw to wives


Private Legal Practitioner Maurice Ampaw has advised wives to be very demanding of their husbands in order to reduce the tendency of them to spend on their side chics

He says men have the tendency of spending on other women if their women are not very demanding of them.

Maurice Ampaw who was speaking on the State Broadcaster, Ghana Television (GTV) said unlike previously when women were compassionate with their husbands, that should not be the case now.

“Women must always make demands of their husbands. Don’t pity your husband, don’t be compassionate towards your husband, don’t say my husband doesn’t have. Men if you don’t demand we will give that money to our side chics. Never favor a man, never think that you’re doing your husband good.

Please let him be responsible. We have situations where a woman is going to marry and she says I have my clothing and some of them even allow men to sign fake cheques. When you allow men that space, they will disregard the marriage. We value our wives when we spend on them. When men spend on you then they begin to love you. I can tell you our love is based on how much we have spent on you. The more we spend on our women…That is why a man can be crazy about their side chic because they spend on them.

Make sure that your husband spends on you. Don’t allow your husband enough money. When you take good care of your wife, you treat your wife with respect, make sure that you give your wife quality enjoyment, take your wife out and all the things that you do for the side chic do same for your wife and you’ll see that your love will develop,” he said.










Source: MyNewsGh.com

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