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Defeated NPP National aspirant Dr. Yusif Tedam accused of fraud by GIJ Lecturer after dud cheque


A Lecturer at the Ghana Institute for Journalism, Noel Nutsugah has made allegations of fraud against NPP’s Dr. Yusif Tedam after the latter failed to abide by a contractual obligation.


According to the Lecturer, the said Yusif Tedam has since been avoiding him and refusing to pick his calls or reply his messages since July 1 this year.


A cheque the NPP big man issued to offset the said money owed turned out to be a dud cheque.


The said Yusif Tedam had contracted the GIJ Don to moderate his campaign launch for a fee but has since absconded after he issued the dud cheque.


Dr. Yusif Tedam was one of the defeated aspirants for NPP National Treasurer position in its recent congress where Dr. China Dwamena was elected.


Dr. Yusif Tedam declined to respond.


Read the Lecturer’s post:


On Friday July 1 this year, I had a call from my very good friend and academic colleague Bismark Odum-Sackey to step in for him for an MC gig he had but wouldn’t be able to attend.


This was around 9am and the event was going to start at 2pm.


I have had to halt whatever I was doing at the time to step in for my colleague. The event was the campaign launch of Yusif Tedam who was vying for the position of National Treasurer in the New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom).

I spoke to one of his organizers called Nana to ask for some further details that will help me do my work. This was a political event but I was prepared to offer my professional service, of course at a fee. We agreed on a fee and mode of payment was supposed to be cash after the event. Even though the fee was low and the whole thing was at a short notice, I took it up all the same. Most importantly because I was stepping in for a friend.



My usual time-conscious self got there on time ready to rock the mic and moderate the event. Guess what! The program that was supposed to have started at 2pm started at 7pm. The criminal arrived that late and without any remorse.


Because the program delayed, I had to engage the crowd in informal conversations on topical national issues, making me overwork myself.


I was a little frustrated in the beginning because of the blatant disregard for time. But I switched the mood and moderated the program to a successful end.


Time to receive payment came and too many excuses and I had to wait for a while



That took about extra hour. At this point it was getting late and I had to leave. The Nana guy promised to send me Mobile Money that evening.



I waited for the alert the whole night but to no avail. The guy sent me a message later telling me that Yusif gave him a cheque instead of cash so he could only pay me after cashing the cheque on Monday. I was patient enough to wait until Monday – no show. Tuesday – no show.

I called on Wednesday to ask the gentleman about my money and he tells me the cheque bounced because it was a dud cheque.


At this point I knew there was going to be trouble. The elections were fast approaching so I decided to be a bit reasonable and allow for the activities to be over.


The criminal went into the elections and lost and there I knew my money got lost as well. Now Nana doesn’t pick my calls and I decided to get in touch with Yusif directly. He too has refused to pick or return my calls and messages.

I have sent multiple messages to him but they yielded no response. Even before I made this post, I called his line again. It went through but as usual, no response.

I have waited from Friday July 1 until today to make this post. I sincerely can’t wait any longer.

I now have no choice than to seek help here on Facebook.

I’m considering pressing criminal charges as I feel defrauded. But for now, I need my money.










Source: MyNewsGh.com

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