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Danger looming on Kpassa-Nkwanta Road as Rains Worsen Eastern Corridor

Danger is looming on the Nkwanta-Kpassa eastern corridor road due to the presence of gaping potholes on the road, creating nuisance for road users, especially drivers and passengers.


The situation gets worst anytime it rained as water gathers in the holes, making movement on the highway extremely difficult, not only for drivers but for pedestrians as well.


Last Friday’s downpour has worsened the deplorable nature of the road in the Oti Region.


Otixpres.com captured part of the road and witnessed potholes that had been deepened and widened making vehicles difficult to pass through.


The road had developed gullies, giving drivers hectic times.

The situation resulted in huge traffic on the road stretching as far back from Nkwanta to Kpassa and from Kpassa to Nkwanta.

There were huge gullies. Drivers plying the route had to be extra careful in order not to damage their cars.




A number of people who spoke to the Otixpres.com expressed concern about the state of the road.


Expressing his frustrations, Kwame Adams, who’s car loaded with tubers of yam, said although the state of the road had not been the best, it had worsened with rains.


“You can see the road for yourself, it is bad and I wonder why till now it has not been fixed after it was given to contract for over ten years,” he lamented.


At Dogo Kitiwa, drivers and passengers stuck in traffic could be heard grumbling.

Drivers and Passengers expressed worry about the condition of the highway, and called on authorities, as a matter of urgency, to fix the problem to avert any unfortunate situation.


“Authorities should resource and push the contractor quickly to get the road in shape,” adding that, any delay in fixing the bad road would result in the waste of productive man-hours and food staff’s.

The bad roads affect the function of vehicles and also put the lives of passengers or occupants of vehicles at risk in the Oti Region.


Source: Otixpres.com

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