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Concerns in Kenya over President Ruto’s sudden weight loss

Mr Ruto said he decided to cut down after the elections in efforts to keep healthy

Kenyan President William Ruto says his visible weight loss is his deliberate effort to keep fit amid concerns by some Kenyans on social media over his health.

Speaking during a televised media interview on Sunday, President Ruto explained he had added some weight during the campaign period in 2022.

During that time, he said, there was a lot of pressure that sometimes led to stress eating.

Mr Ruto said he shed some weight after resuming his fitness, dieting and wellness programme.

“With the nature of my job, I have to be alert,” said Mr Ruto.

A section of Kenyans had observed that President Ruto had lost weight months after taking over from his predecessor.

Others speculated that the head of state may have been unwell.

Source: BBC
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