The Management of Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has taken notice of a misleading article in the Monday, 22th May 2023 edition of the Anchor newspaper which sought to link an official notice from COCOBOD to Enumerators about their contract to the country’s IMF deal and funding challenges. We would like to clarify the situation and provide accurate information regarding the matter. The contract staff hired as Enumerators were issued six-month contracts, not permanent employment, and this was made known to them at the time of their recruitment.

Their specific role was the collection of data and registration onto the Cocoa Management System (CMS). In the course of the exercise, some Enumerators even had their contracts extended and some were made to help with the first phase of the onboarding of farmers onto the Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme (CFPS).

The enumeration and the registration of cocoa farmers for the CMS and the onboarding onto the first phase of the CFPS were successfully completed on 15th May 2023. …More The letter from COCOBOD to all Enumerators was to serve as the official two-week notice of the end of contracts; which is a standard practice and must not be misconstrued. We find the claim made by The Anchor newspaper that “information concerning this matter is sketchy”, rather unfortunate, particularly, when the newspaper made no attempt whatsoever to reach COCOBOD for any information or clarification.

The point must be reiterated that prior to the notice of the end of contract, COCOBOD had informed and explained to the contract staff concerned, to make them sufficiently aware of the matter. There was no need, therefore, to stir a storm out of a teacup. We advise the public to disregard the content of the article which is not only speculative but also misleading and avoidable.


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