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Chieftaincy Bloodbath looms at Nyankpala (watch video)


There is a looming clash at Nyankpala in the Tolon district of the Northern region over a chieftaincy dispute in the community, a video captured by Otixpres.com reporter, Bash


The chief of Nyankpala died in 2020 and his regent was installed, the regent (Yakubu Benna) was suppose to perform the funeral rites of his late father (Abdulai Yakubu) to pave way for the enskinment of a new Nyankpala Lana (Nyankpala chief), but he refused upon several persuasions by Ndan Yaa Naa, as such, the Yaa Naa proceeded to enskin Datalun Lana Ibrahim Mohammed as Nyankpala lana, Ibrahim Mohammed has also ever been a regent for Nyankpala before, so he is a native of Nyankpala but until today he was a chief of Datalun in Sagnarigu traditional area.


when the regent was coming to occupy the namship of Nyankpala he met a serious resistance from the current regent (Yakubu Benna) and his supporters.

The new Nyankpala Lana, Ibrahim Mahama


Infact, there were serious gunshots, but later the security came and calm and restored peace.

The Regent of Nyankpala


 As we file this report, both the regent and New chief are in the community to battle over who becomes the chiefs of Nyankpala.

The late Nyankpala Lana – Yakubu Abdulai


The elders have therefore called on the security agencies, particularly the Police, to immediately avert a possible bloody clash, warning that they will meet him boot for boot if he tries anything funny.


Security took over


Source: otixpres.com

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