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Chief Backs Sammi Awuku …Says He’s The People’s Choice


The Mampong Akuapem Apesemakahene, Nana Yirenkyi I has thrown his weight behind Sammi Awuku as he laces his boots to contest the Parliamentary primaries of New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Nana Yirenkyi believes that he has what it takes to lead Akuapem North as MP given the prevailing circumstances of the Constituency.

Speaking to the media on alleged fabricated stories aimed at tarnishing the image of Mr Awuku, the chief stressed that no amount of hate campaign can deter Mr Awuku from contesting or change the readiness of the Constituents to back him.

“Sammi Awuku is the one who the chiefs and people in Akuapem North need. In any case, Akuapem North seat is not anybody’s property; you come contest, campaign and when you are voted for, you do what you can do, so stop the attacks,” he said.

“Look,” he added, “the people are for Sammy Awuku. If he stands today, he will secure the votes he needs. We know those people who are launching this kind of hate campaign and false allegations against Sammy, we know those behind these false stories and we are ready for them.”

Persons said to be linked to the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for the Constituency are believed to have launched a hate campaign against Mr Awuku ostensibly to reduce his chances of winning the parliamentary primaries and going on to win the seat.

The allegations have been refuted by Sammi Awuku’s camp with the assurance that he is in pole position to annex the seat.

No amount of lies, propaganda can stop Sammi Awuku from contesting Akropong seat – Kenneth Offei Asah

Meanwhile, New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist Kenneth Offei Asah has assured all and sundry that former National Organiser of the party Sammi Awuku is poised to contest the Akropong seat, warning that persons fabricating lies and propaganda against him will not succeed since he is undeterred.

Sammi Awuku, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), has been a key in mobilising support for the NPP as a National Youth Organiser and later as National Organiser.

His interest in the Akropong Constituency seat seemed to have riled persons who are hell bent on denting his image with false accusations and propaganda.

But Mr Kenneth Offei Asah in a Facebook post has clapped back at the detractors, insisting that no amount of sponsored negative reportage can succeed in lowering the image of Mr Awuku.

Mr Offei Asah puts the accusations at the doorstep of the MP for Akropong Oheneba Nana Asiamah-Adjei.

“You keep sponsoring negative stories about Sammi Awuku, yet it keeps failing.

First you told your supporters there won’t be Polling Station elections so they can go to sleep! You had a rude awakening when upon all your machinations the People stood firm and insisted there will be elections and there was elections.

You approached some Prominent Chiefs up the mountains to support you to divide the constituency so you can take half and Sammi takes half. None of the Chiefs wanted to belong to your divisive ideas let alone come under your “imaginary divided half,”Mr Offei said.

He noted that other attempts to get Mr Awuku not to contest the Akropong seat has failed.

“Again you went behind to encourage Regional Executives of Greater Accra to appeal to the National Officers of the Party, Some MPs and Key people in Government to “convince or force “ Sammi Awuku to go for the Adenta seat.

They tried, ambushed Sammi several times on this matter and even followed him to church just to convince him. That one too failed.

Today you have sponsored another failed missile attack “Claiming Jubilee House Has Pulled Breaks on Sammi Awuku and the President queried him on using NLA funds to sponsor Pro Dr Bawumia Media campaign.

First of all the President has never engaged Mr Awuku on this your propaganda and more so there is no evidence whatsoever in this your propaganda!

Madam my advice is that, focus and get ready for your elections wai because Sammi Awuku knowing him won’t comment but very effective when he just smiles at this your “games”, he added, insisting that Sammy Awuku is determined to take the seat from the incumbent.

Sammy Awuku, according to reliable sources, is one of the best performing Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who has no issues raised against him in the Presidency. He has been praised by the President for his stellar performance at the NLA 60th anniversary celebration.

That notwithstanding, negative stories about Sammy Awuku deemed to be from supporters of the MP for Akropong, get published every now and then. But supporters of Mr Awuku are certain that he will wrestle the seat from the incumbent.

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