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Chichibon community received  mechanical borehole as mother’s day gift from Hive

Hive Launches Borehole in Ghanaian Village on Mother’s Day

On Sunday, May 14, Hive, a blockchain-based social media platform, launched its 8th borehole in Ghana’s Chichibon community. The inauguration was held on Mother’s Day, making it a special occasion for both the villagers and the entire Ghanaian nation. In addition to the borehole inauguration, Hive conducted a free health screening with medication all given to the inhabitants of Chichibon for free.

Exercise books were as well given to the school children to help support them in their education.

The borehole construction project was initiated by Hive under the sponsorship of the Decentralised Hive Fund(DHF) project, to provide access to clean water in rural communities. The launch of the borehole on Mother’s Day was symbolic, as it represented the empowerment of mothers and their ability to provide clean water for their families.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from Hive, the chief and elders of the community, and members of the Chichibon community. The Chief of Chichibon expressed his gratitude to Hive and the entire ecosystem for their commitment to improving the lives of rural communities.

The borehole will serve as a reliable source of clean water for the community, contributing to the health and well-being of its residents. The success of this project is a testament to the power of blockchain and web3 technology in creating positive change.

Hive continues to make significant contributions to the Ghanaian villages, empowering rural communities with access to clean water and other essential resources.

The successful launch of the 8th borehole in Chichibon is a proud moment for Hive and Ghana, as they work together to achieve sustainable development goals.

Emmanuel Atta Appiah Zico reports (0553364661)

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