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Catholic priest found dead after latest kidnap

A Catholic priest who was kidnapped in Nigeria’s southern state of Edo has been found dead hours later.


Local church leader says Father Christopher Odia was abducted from his home in Ikabigbo on Sunday as he was about to head to mass.


Witnesses say his body was discovered by a search party of outraged locals and security forces.


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It comes less than 24 hours after another priest – Father Vitus Borogo – was murdered on his farm in north-western Nigeria, and three weeks after gunmen killed at least 40 worshippers at a church in south-western Ondo state.


Nigeria has been grappling with deadly violence including kidnappings in numerous parts of the country. Criminal gangs remain active, with some of them targeting churches and priests.


Meanwhile authorities in Nigeria’s north-western state of Zamfara state are urging citizens to arm themselves against bandits after a spate of attacks.


Some Nigerians living in other states hit by violence say they too want to register to carry guns and defend themselves against attackers.




Source: BBC

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