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1 in 4 married women aged 35–44 experience infertility

1 in 4 married women aged 35–44 experience infertility April 19, 2023 Reading Time: 12 mins read 1 in 4 married women aged 35–44 experience infertility By Prof. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu   I read one article that states that the perfect age to get married, according to scienceis 26 for …

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Be punctual to Child Welfare Clinic – Parents Advised

  Madam Sogah Irene, a nurse at the Reproductive and Child Health Department of Bechem Government Hospital has counseled parents to ensure consistent visitation to the child welfare clinic (Weighing) to guarantee the protection of their children from health-related problems that may affect them in their aging span.   She …

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37 Military Hospital NMTC not issuing admissions – Admissions C’ttee

  Authorities of the 37 Military Hospital Nursing and Midwifery Training College (NMTC) have dismissed reports indicating that the school is issuing admissions to prospective applicants. There is information circulating online and through text messages purporting the issuance of admissions to prospective applicants by the Student Representative Council (SRC) of …

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Breasfeeding does not cause sagging – Dr Benin

  Sagging of the breast is physiological and breastfeeding is not one of the known causes, Dr Amma Benin, the Head of the Paediatric Department, International Maritime Hospital, has said. “The sagging of the breast is physiological, so there are women who have never breastfed, yet they have their breast …

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