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Cashew farmers fights for increase in the benchmark cashew price in the upcoming cashew season

The Cashew Farmers Association of the Jaman South Municipality has called on the government and the leaders of the Tree Crop Development Authority to provide an increment to the Ghc5.00 benchmark cashew price set for the 2021/2022 cashew season.

The Akuafo Nkoso cashew Farmers Association in the Jaman South municipality addressing the press conference expressed gratitude to the president and the NPP government for the establishment of the Tree Crop development Authority to steer the affairs and regulate the price of cashew production in the country.

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Mr. Paul Adinkra, Chairman of the association denoted that cashew farmers were impressed with how the government and the Tree Crop Development Authority regulated cashew prices last year by giving a benchmark price of GHc. 5.00 or more which contributed immensely to the production of cashew hence they are pleading with the government and the Tree Crop Development Authority to increase the benchmark purchasing price to Ghc10.00 or more to help them adjust to the current economic conditions in the country, to help them buy quality farm inputs to attain quality cashew yields for the betterment of the district and the country at large.

Mr. Kusi Emmanuel, the Secretary to the Akuafo Nkosuo Cashew Farmers Association in an interview with Ark FM news reporter, Kwaku Mensah Abrampa indicated that all the farming inputs have experienced tremendous price hikes which are highly affecting the work of the farmers in the country hence government and the Tree Crop Development Authority must consider a reasonable and considerable benchmark price for the purchasing of cashew nuts in the 2022/2023 cashew season which according to him shouldn’t fall below Ghc12.00 or more.

Mr. Kusi Emmanuel added that most Cashew purchasing clerks in the country always find it difficult to purchase the nuts as a result of financial constraints which compel them to solely depend on foreigners for funds before they can commence effective cashew purchasing which according to him affects purchasing price.

He has therefore pleaded with the government to support the purchasing clerks with some soft loans to begin their purchasing process to deny the foreigners from dictating the purchasing price for the farmers stressing that government support to the Cashew purchasing clerks will stabilize the Benchmark price that may be set for the 2022/2023 cashew season.

Call for Details:
Adinkra paul (Chairman)

Kusi Emmanuel (Secretary)

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