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‘Bugri-Dam’ Scandal: 40,000 Police Boots Supplied At GHS200 Each And More Details


The fine details regarding a contract allegedly awarded by the Ghana Police Service to Daniel Bugri Naabu, a former Regional Chairman of the NPP has been clarified by new information.


In has been revealed that the Police procurement of 40,000 Boots which was to be handled by Bugri Naabu as “appreciation contract” for his part in lobbying for the IGP was given to someone else.



However, the supplier was expected to “sort out” Bugri Naabu who was supposed to be the original owner of the contract.

Records indicate that the Ghana Police Service procured each of the 40,000 Boots at a cost of GHS200 each making a total of GHS8Million for the whole contract.

Bugri Naabu and the IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare are in the news after the former helped record a conversation ostensibly plotting to remove the latter as current IGP, before the 2024 general elections.

The news of the 40,000 Boots Contract came to light after the third witness, Superintendent George Asare, who appeared before a Parliamentary committee raised it briefly.

According to him, Mr Naabu was promised rewards, which motivated him (Bugri Naabu) to get recordings of him (Superintendent Asare) and COP Mensah to be given to IGP Dr. Dampare.

“I have Alhaji Bugri Naabu on tape, everything he came to say here, on video in his office. His relationship with IGP and contracts, 40,000 boots contract,” he alleged.

New recordings leaked yesterday have shed light on the relationship between the IGP and Bugri Naabu.

In the new video, Bugri Naabu was heard lamenting about the Boots contract.

“I was introduced to him from the time he was, I would say, lobbying to be the IGP. I knew him when he was lobbying; his name came up about IGP. That was the time I got to know. The time he came up looking for the appointment, I was at home then. When he wanted to join the IGP, some people came with him to introduce him to me.” Bugri Naabu said on video.

“I have not been given any contract…He was to give me contract for boots, and later that contract was given to one contractor who was supposed to give us 10% so that I would give part of it to the young boys, which they had promised but…the money didn’t come. The guy never brought the money”.

“IG told me that we should bring a company. I submitted the company [but] they didn’t take the company.

“He was to give the contract of 40,000 boots…up till now, nothing has come, but before I could hear, one gentleman had taken the contract”.

“The person has been paid [but] he didn’t honour the payment for our share so that we could also give others”.

Source: MyNewsGh.com


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