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Brutalities in Garu: I can’t comment on excesses because the matter is before court – Nat’l Security Minister

The Minister

 of National Security Albert Kan-Dapaah has noted that he received reports of excesses in the handling of the irate youth of Garu by national security operatives but he cannot comment on it because the matter is before the court.

He further said that the attack on some national security personnel by irate youth of Garu was most reprehensible and must be condemned by all.

He stated that in other jurisdictions, this attack would have been considered an attack on the state.

Briefing Parliament on the incident on Monday November 12 he said “The House will agree that the attack on national security personnel  at Garu Police station was reprehensible and mut be condemned in no uncertain terms. In many other jurisdictions, such an attack on security personnel in the course of their legitimate duties would be classified as an attack on the state.

“…reports have emerged in respect of  some excesses by the personnel who conducted the operation.This aspect of the matter is currently before the court. It will therefore be inappropriate for me to comment on the matter as it would amount to contempt of court.”

Some residents of Garu and Bugri were injured following a dawn military operation in the communities.

The situation attracted flak from security analysts including Dr Adam Bonaa who said that the military invasion did not appear to be a counter-terrorism operation due to the assault on the people.

Dr Bonaa explained that the modus of operandi for fighting terrorism has been one that involves the locals to be able to win therefore, attacking them will rather be counter-productive to the efforts in fighting the terrorists.


“No country has been able to fight terrorism without the involvement of the people. and so if you are there claiming to be fighting terrorism then I will say you need the involvement of the people. This doesn’t look like an activity to counter terrorists, this looks like an operation to brutalize the people in the area,” he said on the mid-day news on TV3 Sunday October 29.

But the Ministry of National Security 8n an earlier statement explained that on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 an irate youth group armed with AK 47 rifles, machetes and other weapons besieged a team of five counter-terrorism intelligence officers deployed by the Ministry of National Security to Garu on a critical, special operation.

Despite initial attempts to introduce themselves as National Security personnel, the Ministry said, the irate youth group proceeded to attack the officers by firing multiple gun shots at a black Toyota Land Cruiser in which the officers were seated.

Following an escalation of the attacks on their vehicle, the officers drove to seek refuge at the Garu Police Station.

“The irate youth, subsequently, pursued the officers, encircled the police station and fired multiple shots at same with the intention of killing the officers. The timely intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces enabled the safe evacuation of the National Security personnel from the Garu Police Station,” a statement by the Ministry on Sunday October 29 said.

Further to the aforesaid development, it added, the Ministry of National Security and the Ghana Armed Forces, on Saturday, October 28, 2023, conducted a joint operation in Garu to seize weapons used by the perpetrators of the attack on the National Security personnel.

“A number of the perpetrators have also been arrested. The Ministry of National Security deems the attack on the security personnel at a police station highly unacceptable, and strongly condemns acts aimed at intimidating and harming officials of State Security and Intelligence Agencies, and impeding them from effectively executing their mandate to safeguard the peace and stability of Ghana.

“Whereas the Ministry of National Security works to promote active citizen participation in safeguarding the peace and stability of our dear nation, deliberate acts that seek to jeopardise the lives of personnel of State Security and Intelligence Agencies will not be countenanced.

“The Ministry owes it a duty to protect personnel of State Security and Intelligence Agencies who have sworn an oath to, at all times, defend the people and the territorial integrity of Ghana against all forms of threats,” the statement said.



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