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Breaking News:Baby Dumped In Oti Region By SHS Graduate [watch video]

Newborn Baby Dumped In Oti Region By SHS Graduate.


Residents of Bejamese in the Nchumuru District of the Oti Region, were thrown into a state of shock, when they discovered an unborn baby found dumped in a dumping site in a bag.

The baby girl was found wrapped and dumped on the site shortly after it was believed to be aborted.

Children who visited the site early morning to pick scraps, chanced on the bizarre incident, opened it and find out the bag contains a baby.

The mother is alleged to be a 2022 graduate of Krachi High School who visited her friends at Bejamese days after their final exams to cause the abortion.

Otixpres.com sources reveals that, the traditional authorities have taken over the case, preventing police and public from sharing videos or details of the outcome. Also, it’s believed that the family of the mother of the baby have agreed to meet the demands of the chiefs to perform the needed rituals on the land.


According to sources, friends of the victim have also been charged by the chiefs for accompanying the graduate in such act.


An eyewitness, who’s name for some reasons cannot be discussed says, the children run to him that they saw a baby in a bag while looking for scraps

More details to come soon…


Source: Otixpres.com


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