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BECE candidates urged not to waste parents’ investments in education

Nii Annang Adzor, Regent of Ashaiman



The Regent of Ashaiman, Nii Annang Adzor, has urged Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates across the country, particularly those in Ashaiman, to go into the examination hall with the investments of their parents in mind.


Making the call in an interview with the Daily Statesman, he stressed the need for all candidates to leave no stone unturned in achieving success in the examination.


“It is incumbent on the BECE candidates to excel in the examination slated for Monday October 17. Ensure that investments made by your parents, and teachers’ efforts would not go down the drain,” he admonished.


Nii Annang believes parents, teachers and government have contributed significantly towards their educational endeavours over their 9-year basic education period.


Ashaiman factor


According to him, Ashaiman is noted for churning out intelligent candidates over the years, saying it is their turn to continue with the excellent tradition laid down by their predecessors.


“Last year, we beat Tema Metro at the BECE level, and we cannot afford to dim this light. The Traditional Council is with you physically and spiritually, so are your parents, teachers, government and acquaintances. I urge you all to cover much areas as much as possible, and eschew acts that take you away from studies. Remember, BECE is your first examination to take you to the Senior High School, so go all out and make us proud,” he stated.


He commended teachers for their commitment towards the academic prospects of students of Ashiaman and beyond.


“Teachers in Ghana are one of the best people I have seen in the world today. Majority of them are highly committed towards their mandate, and I think we should all laud their efforts,” he said.




Nii Annang stressed that female students must also exercise caution when they move out with the opposite sex so that they are not trapped by criminal-minded persons.


“The influx of social media has pushed some of our young girls into all sorts of romantic relationships. I am particularly against this trend, and advise them to be extra cautious when going out with their supposed boyfriends. Besides, at the Basic level, what do you need a boyfriend for? Let’s be guided by the need to make education number one priority as students, and avoid relationships that can lead you into temptation,” he warned.


He further urged parents to be observant in checking the kind of friends their children keep, saying “it has the tendency to make or unmake them”.


“Parents have the task of making sure that the wellbeing of their children are not traded for anything. As such, it is prudent to take them through adolescent reproductive education to better conscientise young girls on the need to live a chaste life,” he advised.


Nii Annang Adzor also admonished invigilators to see themselves as individuals who are required to monitor examination proceedings, and guard against any form of behaviours that put candidates in a state of fear and discomfort.


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