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Be punctual to Child Welfare Clinic – Parents Advised


Madam Sogah Irene, a nurse at the Reproductive and Child Health Department of Bechem Government Hospital has counseled parents to ensure consistent visitation to the child welfare clinic (Weighing) to guarantee the protection of their children from health-related problems that may affect them in their aging span.


She explained that the child welfare Clinic is very essential in the life of the newly born babies until they hit 5 years or more indicating that it enhances the detection of the child’s weight with the correlation between their age, the correlation of their age and height, vaccinations, and early detection of disabilities which is necessary on the prevention of health-related issues that may affect the child in future hence it is important for mothers to attend child welfare clinic for the betterment of their babies.


Speaking in an interview On the High radio morning Show dubbed High Morning Breeze hosted by Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, she bemoaned how some clients to the hospital keep blaming the health workers for their behavioral attitudes towards them in the discharge of their duties.


She emphasized that it is human nature and hence advised the clients to consider the welfare of their children rather than the attitude of some health staff in the discharge of their duties towards them.


She also urged the nurses and other health workers to offer the maximum respect to their clients in ensuring that the needed information and explanations are given out before certain decisions and actions are taken in the face of them to avoid continuous negative perceptions about the attitude of health workers towards their clients.






Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa (High Radio – Bechem)

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