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Asante Mampong queenmother declares illegal mining ‘illegal’


Traditional authorities under the Asante Mampong stool lands have cautioned individuals and organizations who plan to indulge in illegal mining within and around the area to back off.

Speaking on Akoma FM’s current affairs and political show GhanAkoma Monday, November 28, Queen mother for Asante Mampong Her Royal Majesty Nana Agyakoma Dufie II cautioned illegal miners who have plans to mine within and around her stool lands to rethink their decision.

Asante Mamponghemaa Nana Agyakoma Dufie II explained Mampong is among the few municipals which have not been plunged into land and water degradation by illegal miners who are also known as ‘Galamseyers’.

She told GhanAkoma host Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin that “we are very vigilant now, we will empower our anti-galamsey taskforce so nothing can happen on our blind sight”.

“I am using your platform to caution them, anyone who tries, does so at his or her own risk if they know what is good for their descendants they shouldn’t dare try any illegal mining on our lands.”

Nana Agyakoma Dufie II lamented that until 2014 Asante Mampong had been deprived of potable water for over 63 years “so, we won’t sit aloof for someone to sit in Accra and give directives to spoil our water bodies and degrade our lands”.

“We the traditional authorities are very vigilant. We have already issued a press conference. In addition, I am leveraging on your platform to signal any interested individuals and organizations who dream to mine to forget because it will not happen over the dead bodies of me and my uncle Daasebre Osei Bonsu.”

The caution of Nana Agyakoma Dufie II comes at the back of notice dated November 1, 2022 and issued by the Minerals Commission in which a publication of notice pending applications for mineral right. The gazette gives directives to the land owners and occupiers of the land to respect the directives of the Minerals Commission.

Meanwhile, the Mampong Traditional Council led by Daasebre Osei Bonsu and his queen, Nana Agyakoma Dufie II, responded to the Minerals Commission with a letter to halt any intentions to mine within or around the Asante Mampong stool lands.






































Source: 3news.com

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