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Alan Cash tells Ghanaians: Vote For A President Based On Vision & Integrity


The founder and leader of the Movement for Change, Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, has called on Ghanaians to choose a President based on his vision and integrity, and not on the basis of party partisanship.

He said the basis of the Movement is to mobilise the over 6.6 million voters who identify with his vision to transform Ghana.

Speaking on Angel FM Morning drive in Kumasi, on Monday, this week, the former NPP Presidential aspirant said Ghana needs a transformational leader and not a new political party.

Market Queens pose with Alan Kyerematen and team

He said it is time for Ghana to go beyond NPP and NDC, hence his Great Transformational Plan (GTP)

According to him, the Movement for Change intends to form a union government and engage representatives of Political parties, religious bodies and professionals to push the transformational agenda for Ghana for the benefit of the youth in general.

The Independent Presidential aspirant said 60% of all ministerial appointments in his government would be drawn from the youth bracket and that there would also be a gender balance.

“We are in a period of transformation”, he said, adding “Ghana is about to experience the next major change after Ghana’s political independence in 1957.”

The former Trade and Industry Minister said the proposed GTP hinges on 15 themes, which pillars include; stable economy, Industrialisation, agriculture, energy, health and education to change Ghana.

Mr. Kyerematen pointed to industrialisation as the basis of his approach to job creation to match with advanced countries like America, China, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea and India, that focused on industrialisation to move their countries forward.

He, however, noted that the economy must at all times be strong to support industrialisation and agriculture, hence the need to promote industrialisation through adequate funding.

The Movement for Change founder cited the “One District, One Factory (1D1F)” policy as the greatest achievement to take Ghana to places.

According to him, the Ashanti region benefited from 55 projects under the 1D1F programme, with 26 being operational and 13 under construction.

He promised to make the Ashanti region, currently the commercial hub of Ghana, the manufacturing hub for Africa to grow the economy.

In another development, Tomato Sellers at the Race Course market in Kumasi have declared their unflinching support for Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s independent presidential candidacy.

The former NPP presidential aspirant, Mr. Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, who resigned from the NPP on September 25, 2023 has since announced the formation of the Movement for Change.

The market queens, leading a section of the traders, called on Mr. Kyerematen at the beginning of his campaign tour of Kumasi on Monday.

Nana Abena Serwaah, tomato and garden eggs Queen mother, on behalf of the market women, pledged their support for Alan Cash’s political endeavours and said they would follow the Presidential hopeful with their votes.

The market queens bemoaned the machinations meted against Mr. Kyerematen by the NPP, for which the traders declared their support and ensure that they vote for him massively.

Nana Abena Serwaah said in the same way they stood by Nana Akufo-Addo for victory in previous polls, they would continue to support their hero, Kyerematen.


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