Abraham Boafo, executive Secretary, concerned youth of Akyode


7th-September- 2022






We the Concern youth Of Akyode in the Oti Region of Ghana, came across some defaming and unethical publications from some media elements on the sadden death of Our Brother and the MCE of Krachi East.


One of these unprofessional reportage is the one captured in the Daily Guide News Paper on 5th September, 2022, which reads ” *Hot Sex Kills sexy Krachi East MCE*.” The only justification for their conclusion is that, there was traces of spermatozoa on the thigh of the late MCE without any evidences to arrive at a reasonable conclusion in such circumstances.


This is purely substandard and incompetent journalism which, we the aforementioned youth group are not going to shield or entertain in any form or manner.


The conduct of Joy Fm and Daily Guide news paper has a high tendency to thwart efforts of investigations and create prejudice in the process leading to the results of the investigation.


They reported that, there was a fluid on his thigh and same is suspected to be spermatozoa as he found dead and naked in a hotel room at Ejisu in the Ashanti region.


They never said it was spermatozoa because until it is confirmed through scientific investigations and analysis, the human eye cannot see spermatozoa.


So in the first place it is a fact that such suspicions have not been confirmed so or otherwise, the suspicions to best of our knowledge still remain an inuendo and not a proven fact worth for publishing for public consumption.


Almost all our audience will agree that in the circumstances as the late MCE died, there is high probability for fluids to come out of his mouth and depending on the pressure with which it came out can fall at any part of the body like it has been reported.


This when dried, can take the form of the suspicions, so for a paper like Daily Guide and Joy FM which are supposed to harbor intellectuals and professionals to report on sensitive matter like this with good conscience high professional standards, rather did it with armed chair journalism of a dishonest character.


It is wholly unpardonable on the basis that, we cannot be unfair to describe those involved in all the process that led to this false publication as persona non- grata in the Ghanaian media landscape, they matters alot and indeed have a reasonable cause to know the legal and moral consequence of their acts in this false reportage.


Why is the quest for money in the instance of tragedies of others be the goal of Joy FM and Daily Guide?


Can spermatozoa be seen with just human eyes? Or their taste for bad moneys to the peril of their fellow men prevents them from making efforts to seek expert understanding of what spermatozoa is before pronouncing same for public consumption?

We want to remind Daily Guide that, even if it appears to be true that, there were traces of spermatozoa on the thigh of the late MCE, the possibility exist that such spermatozoa may not be his but brought on him by someone in order to achieve a target.

Again, we averse that, even if such spermatozoa came from him, it is an established scientific knowledge that a man can ejaculate out of activities of his memory that reflects to him in a dream.

The possibility also exist that should his death occurred unnatural, those who caused it can make him naked.


Beside, a man being naked alone on his bed when sleeping is not unusual, it is an established practice, and so therefore not abnormal or whatsoever.


Further more, should it be proven that , the late Okesu (MCE) had sex in the hotel room, how do you establish causation of his death and link it to the alleged sex, when non of such media elements have such expertise and competence and as well failed to either prove with evidence or wait for the results of the police investigation and autopsy to establish proper and professional proven causation of the death?


Their description of the “sex as Hot” in their tortuous reportage is enough to establish causation of his death? This is a gross abuse of their discretion and authority as a fourth realm pillar in our democratic setup and same is a breach of article 296 of the constitution, 1992.


It was reported to us that, the door was locked from inside hence the inability of the hotel workers to open it . Can’t some of these informations guide responsible media houses for any publication in good faith to to exercise due care and diligence especially in pondering over the basic question that, how then did the lady whom he had sex with escaped and still had the door locked from inside ?

If the above aversement are possible and the legally empowered institutions, thus Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Health services are yet to conclude their investigations into the matter, what then motivates the embarrassing and defamatory publication to court the opprobrium and disaffection for late our brother and we the family?

Daily Guide and Joy Fm like any other media houses in Ghana are beneficiaries of the Media Freedom and independence guaranteed in the 1992 Constitution particularly in article 162 (1). Article 162(2), also subjected the media freedom to the dictate of its provisions.

It did not end there as article 164 of the Constitution again, places a limitation on players enjoying the media freedom to order their activities like in current circumstances, to be cautious and professional in the interest of national security, public order, public morality and for the purpose of protecting the reputations and rights of other persons, like our late brother, Hon Francis Okesu.

If the media houses like joy Fm and Daily Guide, thinks our late brother, the MCE cannot benefits from the Constitutional right offered him in the article cited supra, by virtue of his current fate , we are reminding them and their leadership that, the family members, Akyodeman and the entire people of Krachi East Municipality are still Ghanaians and on that proviso qualified to benefit from the contractual relationship dictated by the very amalgamated and sacrosanct document that birthed their freedom and independence, ie the grandnorm.

We are previewed to the fact that, the Constitution and other common law processes recognized in our jurisdiction permits us to cure their possible defilement of the law and irregularities by seeking redress in a court of competent jurisdiction, whiles we are considering such options, we are calling on the following persons and bodies to call the Daily Guide and other media houses to order in the interest of peace and national security:

a .The Ghana Media Commission following their existence in article 166 and functions in article 167 where it states that, the function of the National Media Commission are-

(b) to take all appropriate measures to ensure the establishment and maintenance of the highest journalistic standards in the mass media, including the investigation, mediation and settlement of complaint made against or by the press or other mass media.

c. the Ghana journalist Associations and the entire membership of the well cultured journalistic Fraternity in Ghana and beyond.

2. the IGP and the Ghana Police Service.

3. the Ghana Peace Council.


4. All Regional Houses of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs as well.


5. The minister for information and minister for national security as well.

We the concerned youth of Akyode believe that, the peace and stability we are enjoying in our country is cumulative and person(s) or organization within the societal setup at all angles and within the implied and express social contract with the state and other citizens, have a responsibility to be discipline and legit in all our dealings.

We however want to commend and appreciate well cultured media houses who have started condemning their own and questioning the professionalism of the unfortunate reportage by daily Guide and others, we are grateful.



We are therefore by this official press release, giving Joy Fm of multimedia and Daily Guide news paper including other media houses a three(3) days ultimatum to pull down the defamatory publication against our brother the late MCE for Krachi East municipality and render an unqualified apology to the family, Akyodeman, Krachi East municipality and the entire Oti region, or our solicitors force them to do same through a law court of competent jurisdiction.


It is a shame for responsible media houses to grossly and ignoramusly disregard the famous *Audi Alteram Partem rule of natural justice* by failing to appreciat that, the dead is not alive to speak for himself on all the frivolous, vexatious, capricious and fake allegations being labelled against him.


We shall use the appropriate legal procedure to ensure that, all the allegations being made by the various media houses is proven beyond reasonable doubt, if indeed our brother died out of “hot sex” as alleged, they must show us and probably a court of competent jurisdiction the other sex partner whom he had that “hot sex” with.


The legal maxim of, “he who alleges must prove” and same must be proven beyond reasonable doubt, will be tested at the right time in this matter.


We are grateful to all those mourning and praying with us in this difficult times, our son and brother remain clean and plea not guilty to all the allegations being labelled against him by unprofessional and indiscipline media houses.




Elias Olonboaso, convenor concerned youth of Akyode



Abraham Boafo, executive Secretary, concerned youth of Akyode













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