Okogyeman Otamfom Saforo Okoampah lll, Chief of Apirede Akuapem said African tradition and culture were not evil and called for culture preservation.

“Our traditions and culture are not evil. Contrary to what some Christians say, Christianity does not condemn tradition, but some pastors are throwing dust into the eyes of his or her church members.

“What our colonial masters demonized about our traditions and culture is their opinion and narrative and not the truth,” he said.

The Chief made this statement when he met the people of Apirede Akuapem in the Eastern Region during the celebration of the biggest Odwira festival on Akuapem land.

The theme for this year’s Odwira festival in Apirede Akuapem: “Youth skills development, a Tool for Community.”

According to him, African history should be written by Africans and not written for Africans, saying, “Every society in Africa, especially Ghana, has its own values, tradition and culture.”

He added, “I am a proud Christian and my pastor was in support when it was time for me to rule citizens of Apirede Akuapem and till date, he is still supporting me physically and spiritually.

“Our African history should be our own story told by us.”

He noted that Africans had a history before colonialism. He noted that even the bible confirms chieftaincy.

“In the olden days, God elect chiefs to rule a country or town and if this was to be wrong God won’t make Solomon the great king of the world which I think was the best because I know what my people need more than someone outside the town.

“There is the need to preserve our traditional languages, our traditional education and our culture,” he emphasised.

Okogyeman Otamfom Saforo Okoampah lll noted that it is usually “considered that to be educated is to speak a European language if there’s a change. I think is going to help us a lot especially Ghanaians.

“My doors are always open to anyone, especially the youth who are ready to learn the rich traditional culture of my town and I will be very proud if 99 percent of my youth show up.”