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Activities of political parties must be centered on Democracy to promote peace and unity – Political Analyst


Mr. Samuel Boateng, a political analyst, said that any political party in Ghana that believes in the country’s constitution should work according to democratic rules to foster peace and unity among the members and leadership of the said political party to enable them to achieve a common goal.


He made this known as a result of the recent parliamentary reshuffle made by the leadership of the NDC.


Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, High Radio Morning Show Host Mr. Samuel Boateng indicated that any activities of a democratic party must be democratically performed hence leadership of a democratic party must ensure incredible consultations before decisions are taken.


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He stressed that the decision of the NDC to impose parliamentary leaders on their members of parliament is a wrong decision that must be condemned though the decision of the executives wasn’t against the constitution of the party.



On the readiness of the NDC to win executive power in the 2024 general elections, Mr. Samuel Boateng emphasized that the decisions and character being displayed by the leadership of the party means they are not ready for power indicating that executive power of governance is not mainly won in parliament house but can be done correctly by the leadership of the party.

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He explained that minority leadership in parliament is to control the activities of government business and not for campaign purposes so changing the parliamentary leaders while the party stills hold onto their tyrannical form of leadership will do the party more harm than good.



Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa (High Radio-Bechem)

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