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Achimota Rastafarian student slashes father’s hand during fight [VIDEO]

The father of one of the Rastafarian students who had admission issues at the Achimota School because of his dreadlocks, has alleged that his son has been very disobedient lately, and recently attacked and assaulted him to the extent of slashing his hand.

Accusing the son of attacking him in a video he posted on social media, the father, Tereo Marghuy, said his son, Tyron Marghuy, slashed his hand during the attack.




He showed the injured hand with the blood in the video he recorded and posted on social media.


In return, the father has threatened to kill the son if it happens again.


In the video, showing his injured hand, Tereo alleged he confronted Tyron for a misbehaviour and the boy, got angry and attacked him.

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Tereo Marghuy said Tyron had an argument with his sister and as he tried to intervene, his young son assaulted him.



“This is what Tyron has done to my hands, he spoilt his sister’s tablet and they were supposed to take it to the repairer this morning”, he said in the video.


“The sister came to tell me they were taking the laptop to the repairer…, I went to see them in the room and she said Tyron is not ready. Long story short, they had argument and so I went back there to ask him why, and he just unplugged the laptop and started to walk over me and he’s been doing this all these years, and which his mother tolerates”, Tereo alleged.


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“She [mother] even asked me one time why I don’t want anybody to have peace in this house when my son does something wrong and I’m telling him.”


He said even before the Achimota case, he [Tyron] was so arrogant, and so I wasn’t even ready to follow him anywhere, I went to the court with him and defended him just for the sake of humanity, for the sake of rasta, if it had been only because of this boy, I wouldn’t have gone,” he added.


“This is the third time something like this is happening because he walked over me and I rushed at him, I wanted to slap him for doing that, he does it every time and he gripped my hand, so hard, I don’t know if he had something or whatever with him, and this is what he has done,” he said and showed the injured hand in the video.

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He said the boy sees him returning from town with load and he doesn’t care.


The father threatened that the next time it happens again, he was going to pay with his life and asked him to leave the house.



Source: Graphiconline.com

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