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Accra’s US$50 million Court Complex falling apart…Judges & Clerks carrying their standing fans to proceedings

The Law Court Complex, an Ultra-Modern Court Complex housing all the High Courts in Accra put up some seven years ago, is more of an oven fit for baking bread, than a dwelling place for human beings.

The 43-courtroom building, has most of its central air conditioners broken down, leaving judges, court clerks, lawyers and their clients in an intense heat anytime they visit the court for adjudication of cases.

The US$50 million five storey facility was inaugurated in October 2015 to replace the colonial and dilapidated Cocoa Affairs Court which had housed the Circuit and High Courts in the Accra Metropolis.

China State Hualong Construction Ghana Limited, executed the project during the tenure of Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, and received a lot of commendations as a befitting edifice to the country’s motto of freedom and justice, as well as its commitment to the fight against corruption.

However, seven years on, it doesn’t look as though, there is any serious maintenance culture in place for the imposing building overlooking the heavily salted Gulf of Guinea, which also houses some important and personal files in the custody of the court.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to visit a particular courtroom to see that some of the judges and their clerks, have bought their own standing fans and brought them into the fully packed courtrooms for their personal use only, while conducting proceedings.

These days, most of the rooms with the faulty air conditioners, commonly get their glass windows opened, ostensibly to reduce the inconvenience of the heat on those inside, most of whom have had to be fanning themselves with anything on hand.

One particular office in the building, had an official buying a split air conditioner and situated it next to a unit of the broken down central air conditioner manufactured by Hisense, which looks rusty portraying the decay, seven years after it was fixed.

Some judges, who have noticed the stressful situation, have had to provide some relief by asking the lawyers before them to drop their traditional wigs and gowns on top of their suits.

The building’s security systems; the metal detectors, have also broken down.

Some of the public address systems and recorders in the various court rooms appear not working, the address systems are supposed to aid lawyers, clients and witnesses to follow proceedings.

Its sanitary facilities look poorly maintained. The taps are normally without water and its users are unable to wash their hands after visiting the washrooms.

It remains unclear, what impact these developments will have on the country’s justice delivery. But what immediately comes to mind is, how the inconveniences in the individual courtrooms, can lead to delays in the administration of justice.

The Complex has 43 Court rooms operating under Four Registries namely; Land Court, Human Rights Court, Commercial Court and General Jurisdiction Registries.

There are eight (8) distinct divisions under the four registries as follows; Land Court, Criminal Court, Probate & Administration Court, Divorce & Matrimonial Court, Labour Court, Commercial Court, Financial & Economic Crime Court and General Jurisdiction.

It is supposed to have a Court Manager, who is responsible for the overall administration of the Complex, including the supervision and management of all operations.

The court complex, has a ground floor which operates a Business Centre for secretarial services such as typesetting, photocopying, printing, scanning, binding, lamination, mobile money transfer among others to the public.

It has a Media Room for a thirty (30) seater media/press briefing and available for commercial use for meetings and press briefings.

A Reception, with a seventy two (72) seater visitors waiting area.

The complex, has a well-equipped primary care health facility which offers medical services to judges, staff and court users.


Land Court Registry

Land Court 1

Land Court 2

Land Court 3

Land Court 4

Land Court 5.


Public Cafeteria


  • Legalities

This is a convenience shop where lawyers’ bibs, wig, law reports and other legal materials are sold.

  • Commissioner for oaths

There are currently two (2) commissioners administering oaths on the premises.

  • Courts

Human Rights/ Labour/ Financial/Divorce and Matrimonial Courts Registry

Land Court 6

Land Court 7

Land Court 8

Land Court 9

Land Court 10

Land Court 11

Probate Court 1 & 3

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 1.

  • Cafeteria

Staff Cafeteria


  • Children’s Holding Room

This is a waiting area for children appearing before the court in both civil and criminal matters and their relatives.

  • Complaint Unit

The unit receives complaints from the public with regard to the operations of the court.

  • Conference Room

A thirty (30) seater conference room located on this floor is available for commercial use to the public for meetings and other corporate events.

  • Judicial Training Institute

The Judicial Training Institute (JTI) has a seventy two seater training room available for commercial use and a twenty (20) seater computer Laboratory used for the training of judges and staff.

  • Courts

Financial Court 1

Financial Court 2

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 2

Human Rights Court 1

Human Rights Court 2

Criminal Court 1

Labour Court 1

Labour Court 2.

  • Cafeteria

Senior Staff Cafeteria.


  • Courts

General Jurisdiction Registry

General Jurisdiction 1

General Jurisdiction 2

General Jurisdiction 3

General Jurisdiction 4

Divorce & Matrimonial Court 3

Criminal Court 2

Criminal Court 3

Probate Court 2.

  • Cafeteria

Lawyers Cafeteria.


  • Library

The complex has a Library which is currently operational with one hundred and twelve (112) seating capacity. It has as an additional facility, an e-library room installed with soft copies of statute law, law reports and judgements emanating from the High Court.

  • ADR Secretariat

The Secretariat has two (2) ADR meeting rooms for informal resolution of disputes.

  • Courts

General Jurisdiction 5

General Jurisdiction 6

Commercial Court 1

Commercial Court 2


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