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A Vote for Dr. Essibu is a Symbol of Grassroots Hope.. Friends of Essibu 


A group calling itself “Friends of Dr Essibu” in the ruling party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the central region, has asked the NPP delegates in the Central Region to vote for Dr Joseph Kobina Essibu as the Central Regional Chairman of our great party.

He said, the time is here again for the NPP in the Central Region to choose leaders who shall steer the affairs of this great party.


Delegates will faced with the choice of rewarding experience, loyalty, long service and dedication.

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Iam appealing to all delegates to consider the supremacy of the party interest first by rewarding Dr Joseph Kobina Essibu, popularly known as the “The Ideal Chairman ” as our Central Regional Chairman to aid us break the eight (8) years cycle of power.


Dr. Essibu would restore the grassroots lost hope with a game plan to aid our party to win the 2024 elections, he added.


The Convener also added that the NPP need someone, who fathom the dynamics in all the 23 constituencies across the region and when voted into office shall serve and posterity would always celebrate him for his tremendous success for the party.

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Dr. Essibu ‘The Ideal Chairman ‘ is our next Central Regional Chairman and he will make NPP to become one of the strongest political entities that will move the party forward into the next generation. He will digitize our thinking to help NPP become a strongest party in the region.


The group further added Dr. Essibu is seeking election as Central Regional Chairman of the NPP not for his personal interest. But to uplift the NPP to where it ought to be. Delegates should vote for Dr. Essibu because of the ideas and plans he has for the party.

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The group concluded that Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu, is NPP stalwart and a founding member of the party and currently the central regional treasurer of our great party.

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